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Utilizing Technology To Grow Your Self Storage Business


Choosing the Best Property Management Software for Self Storage(Insights from an Expert)

In the exciting world of self-storage businesses, using reliable tech is super important for working smarter and making customers happy. But, picking the right tech can be tricky with so many choices out there. This blog will help you out, using tips from Brett Copper, an expert in the self-storage world. We'll help you choose the right tech and vendors that'll help boost your business.

1. Property Management Software: Make Your Business Smarter

The first big step is picking the right property management software (PMS). This software helps with things like letting customers rent online, handling payments, and signing leases.

If you have a smaller storage facility, you may like a budget-friendly option like Easy Storage or a no-cost software like CCStorage. Bigger places with big plans might want to check out more robust systems like SiteLink, Tenant Inc, or Cubbies. It's really important to try these out and see what fits your needs. Also, good customer service from these companies is a must!

*If your facility is on the smaller side, we definitely encourage you to try out our property management software at www.ccstorage.com (no up front costs!)

2. Choose Tech That Fits Your Place

You want tech that works well with your storage facility. Brett Copper talks about using simple, cheap tech like DaVinci locks that are easy to use. However, if you're building something new, you may want something a little bit nicer. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes the experience great for your customers and isn't too hard for you to manage.

3. Boost Your Marketing

In the super competitive self-storage world, marketing is key. Brett Copper suggests working with web companies that know a lot about self-storage, like GFIVE or GoLocal. Your website is super important for showing prices, deals, and letting people rent online.

For social media, look at what top companies like Public Storage and CubeSmart are doing. GFIVE is also great for online marketing. A strong online presence helps you get more customers and build trust.

4. Stay Safe with Smart Security

With crime going up, security is super important. Brett Copper uses high-tech video systems that let security people talk to intruders from far away. This is really important for keeping your facility safe.

Also, artificial intelligence (AI) and video tech are becoming popular for keeping special storage like boats and RVs safe. Companies like Ohz and Argus have AI tools that notice sketchy stuff. Good security is really important for these kinds of storage.

4. The Future of AI

AI is a big deal in self-storage. Brett Copper thinks AI can help talk to customers and make things run smoother. However, since it's a relatively new technology in this field, it might still require assistance from human operators at call centers.

AI is also great for checking on call center performance. It can listen to lots of calls and find things that people might miss.

5. In Conclusion

Choosing the right technology and people for your self-storage business means really thinking about what your place needs. You've got to have good software for managing the place, a great website, and top-notch security. But new things like AI and online marketing are also super important for making your business exceptional.

With the right tech and advice from pros like Brett Copper, your self-storage business can be super efficient and customer-friendly. Get ready for a tech-savvy future in self-storage!

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