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How to Build A Profitable Business in 2024

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Sometimes, starting a business can be a bit like an adventure. You start with a small idea and a lot of determination. The story we're going to talk about is just like that. It's about a guy named Rob Esposito and his moving and storage business called Relocators. In this blog post, we'll dive into the journey of Relocators and see what we can learn from it.

How It All Started

Rob's journey began in the late 2000s. Back then, he was helping his mom with estate sales and moving stuff around. At the same time, he was working as a bartender and a waiter. But Rob had a dream. He wanted to make moving stuff his full-time job. So, in 2007, he took a brave step. He quit his bartending and waiting tables jobs within six months to focus completely on his new business, Relocators.

Offering Different Services

Relocators is not just about moving things from one place to another. They do a whole bunch of things now. They can help you move to a new place, store your stuff in one of their five locations, move things long distances, and even work with companies that fix up old stuff. They also do estate sales and sell things online through auctions. This mix of services helps them stay strong even when the market changes. For example, when Hurricane Sandy hit, they did a lot of cleanup work. And when COVID-19 came along, their online auctions became really popular. Having different services helps them deal with different situations.

Starting During Tough Times

Rob didn't start his business during the best of times. In 2008, there was a big recession going on. But Rob saw this as a chance, not a problem. Since he was just getting started, he didn't have much to lose. His main goal was to make $1,000 a week after all his expenses. He worked hard to reach that goal, and it paid off. This teaches us that sometimes, even when things look tough, there can be opportunities if you're determined.

Learning and Growing

Rob didn't stop learning once he started his business. Around 2011-2012, he decided to get better at running a business. He started reading audiobooks and meeting new people to learn from them. This shows us that learning never stops, especially if you want to be successful in business.

The Power of Making Friends

Making friends and building a network of people you can count on is really important. Rob says that having friends who can give you advice and support you is crucial. Some of his friends even became business partners after many years. So, it's not just about what you know, but also who you know.

Advice for Starting a Business

If you're thinking about starting your own business, Rob has some tips for you. First, don't make enemies – you never know when you'll need help from someone you know. Second, don't just think about making sales when you meet people. Build real friendships. And lastly, never give up. Starting a business can be hard, but if you keep going, you'll get there.

Adapting to the Changing Market

Rob also talks about how the market is changing right now. The part of his business that deals with moving houses is slowing down a bit. He thinks this slowdown will last until 2024. But here's the tricky part – even though things are slowing down, the prices to buy other businesses are going up. It's a bit confusing, but Rob and Relocators are finding ways to keep growing by offering different services.

Using Facebook for Business

Even though Relocators works all over the country, they still care about their local community. Rob mentions that Facebook groups where moms chat and share stuff are becoming really important for small businesses. Instead of spending a lot of money on ads, they can connect with people in their area through these groups. It's a cool way to reach out to customers.

In Conclusion

The story of Relocators and Rob Esposito's journey is like an exciting adventure. It shows us that with determination, learning, and making friends, you can build a successful business, even when times are tough. So, if you're dreaming of starting your own business, remember these lessons. And if you want to know more about Rob and Relocators, check out their website and social media pages to follow their inspiring journey.


Robert Esposito Personal Instagram: @respo.5

Relocators Instagram: @usrelocators

'The Dream is Alive' Instagram: @the.dream.is.alive

Relocators Facebook page: www.facebook.com/USRelocators/ Relocators

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@usrelocators


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