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How to Use a Broker to Find Great Self Storage Opportunities


Meet Brandon Robinson, a professional in the self-storage world with 16 years of experience. Starting his journey in 2007, after graduating from Whittier College with a love for real estate, he never imagined how exciting the self-storage sector would be. A chance meeting with a commercial broker opened the door to this niche, and Brandon hasn't looked back since.


Self-Storage: Then and Now

In 2007, self-storage was pretty basic, often seen as the less glamorous side of real estate. Back then, ads in the yellow pages were the norm, and they weren't cheap—costing up to $40,000! Plus, to rent a storage unit, you had to go there in person.


Now, it's a whole new world! Technology is king, with online rentals and payments making everything easier and faster. This digital shift has totally changed how we use and manage self-storage.


Brandon's Special Touch in Deals

Brandon's not your average broker. He focuses on helping small-scale investors and finding gems in lesser-known markets. He loves facilities under 40,000 square feet, as they have less competition. His secret? Boosting value by making better use of space, raising rental rates, and adding services like RV storage.


Why Work with a Broker?

A broker like Brandon is a game-changer. They have connections and know-how to get you better deals and prices. Plus, they can spot opportunities you might miss on your own.


Challenges in Self-Storage Investing

It's not always smooth sailing in self-storage. Issues like poor bookkeeping by sellers can make things tricky. New investors might find the down payment and lender requirements tough. But don't worry—Brandon's got checklists and advice to help you out.


Economic Ups and Downs

The self-storage market, like all markets, feels the impact of economic changes. Rising interest rates could slow things down, but Brandon's optimistic. He sees new chances, especially with more seller financing becoming available.


Where to Invest?

Looking to invest? The Southeast and Midwest are hot spots right now. They offer great value and flexibility compared to pricier coastal areas. Even with economic uncertainties, these regions are ripe for innovative self-storage investments.


A Look Ahead

Brandon Robinson's journey shows us how self-storage has grown and changed. Once a less-loved part of real estate, it's now thriving with digital advancements and creative strategies. Sure, there are challenges, but the potential for rewarding investments is huge. For those ready to adapt and innovate, the self-storage world is full of opportunities, especially in areas with growing markets.


Manage Your Self-Storage Investments Easily

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For more insights and trends in the self-storage industry, stay tuned to our podcast. We bring you the latest updates and expert tips to help you succeed in your self-storage investments.



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